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We are in critical times doing critical work to "hack" the system.We need your support!
Education to Every Child

The PAACT Network

The PACE Alliance of Accountability, Commitment & Transparency (PAACT) Network is a consortium of innovative individuals companies, and organizations forming Impact Joint Ventures™ to address systemic inequities.

African Resource Center

The Union

We are expanding our community resource center through partnerships with global grassroots organizations. These space creators understand their resource-poor commmunites best and how to propel them to greatness.

The future of vocational training

Koya Academy

We are partnering with some of the worlds largest and most innovative tech companies to expand our culture first technical training methodology to a global audience. We are disrupting global vocational skills development.


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We believe in watering the "grassroots".

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Lifting The Veil
Tribe Called T.E.C.H. Campus Chapters

Our professional development network Tribe Called T.E.C.H. is launching its first college chapters at Tuskegee University and the University of Washington this fall with support from Databricks...

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Food Clothes and Shelter
PACE launches The PAACT Network

Following up on our Juneteenth announcement, Pan African Center for Empowerment (PACE) announces the launch of the PACE Alliance of Accountability, Commitment & Transparency (PAACT) Network.

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Featured Programs

We empower multiple segments of resource-poor communites with our programs.
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Education to Every Child

The Union

The Union is an innovation hub that fosters community, conversation, creativity and culture for people of African descent and their allies. We offer co-working space and carefully curated educational programs for all levels of people interested in pursuing careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

Primary School for Kids

Afro Detox

AfroDetox is our latest initiative focused on the health & wellness of our communties. We are working to combat the negative impact of food desserts by driving innovations in urban farming. We focus our community on living a balanced lifestyle by creating content that focuses on mind, body, and spiritual alignment.

Patient and Family Support

Koya Academy

Koya means "Learn" in the Hausa language, one of the most commonly spoken on the continent of Africa. We are building a global education platform with culturally relevant content. Or instructors allow our students to see themselves in the success. By supporting this program you can accelerate our ability to impact.

Partner With Us To Empower Lives

Our aim is to constantly seek and nurture alliances with individuals, companies and organizations that align with our purpose.
If the work we do resonates with you, or if our programs and initiatives have synergy with your organizations offerings,
don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to explore partnerships that have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Become a Volunteer

Those who give their time and skills freely and willingly are highly valued assets on our path of service.

We maintain a number of skill and labor based projects that are stratregically chosen to help further our mission.

Get in contact to see if any of these projects may interest you as a volunteer.