Our Programs

Education to Every Child

The Union

The Union is a resource center that fosters community, commerce, creativity and culture for people of African descent.

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Primary School for Kids

Solo Magic

Solo Magic, is a non-profit arts initiative that collaborates with innovative artists to create socially relevant work, “Activism is the Muse”.

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Patient and Family Support

Afro Detox

AfroDetox is one of our newest programs to aid our communities in maintaining healthy mind, bodies and spirit.

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Empower Communites of African Descent

Sponsor Ecology Today

Koya Academy

Koya Academy is our education platform formerly known as Floodgate Academy Seattle providing tech/non-tech workforce development.

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Education for Everyone

Tribe Called T.E.C.H.

TRIBE CALLED T.E.C.H. unites tech talent across the African diaspora in one digital safe space to learn, link up, and leverage relationships...

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Clean Water For People

Hello Polly

Hello Poly is a media training program that prepares motivated storytellers to tell visual stories using real-time 3D computer graphics.

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