A Strategic Alliance Framework For Impact Joint Ventures

PACE Announces The PAACT Network

FFollowing up on our Juneteenth announcement of the creation of a community alliance framework, the Pan African Center for Empowerment (PACE) announces the launch of the PACE Alliance of Accountability, Commitment & Transparency (PAACT) Network. PAACT Network is a global consortium of innovators representing companies, municipalities and nonprofit entities that will drive quantifiable impact by engaging, educating, and empowering communities of African descent through focused program development. PACE created the PAACT Network aiming to provide a community API for corporate leaders who are seeking to contribute more than words to the fight for racial equality and social justice.

The PAACT Network will leverage its collective expertise and resources in the fight against racial inequity and systemic oppression. These partner organizations exemplify their commitment by collaborating with PACE and each other to develop strategic plans centered on racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. These plans aim to foster a fair and balanced system in our 10 key focus areas, namely: Health, Wellness, STEM Education, Community Development, Art Curation, Food Insecurity, Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship, Media Production, and Racial Equity Consulting.

"PACE not only works impossibly hard to empower people of African descent in the areas of technology and entrepreneurship, but they run their nonprofit with a focus on strategic disruption and sustainable community improvement,” said Ryan Neal, Founder and President of Blueprint Technologies. “That unique perspective and strategy fits in well with what we do at Blueprint and made this partnership a natural fit.

“We are excited to enter into a partnership with these organizations to expand our global footprint while bringing positive change to our communities. Creating equity starts by quantifying impact. The impact we can make in our communities and workplaces. The strategic partners of the PAACT Network are not only creating a measurable action plan - they are putting the capital, talent, and resources behind it to ensure success” said Arif Gursel, Founder and Executive Director of PACE.

To date, our PAACT strategic partners include:

  • Blueprint Technologies - a global digital transformation company specializing in rapid technology development and implementation. Blueprint is partnering with PAACT to develop a career training and job apprenticeship program for people of African descent.
  • Sentinel - a data privacy technology company focused on the intersection of technology and privacy. Sentinel combines an experienced team of privacy experts with its technology platform, EthosTM, to assess, implement, and operate strategic privacy programs. Sentinel is partnering with PAACT to create a career development curriculum in data privacy.
  • Pendulum Partners - a management consulting company that assists businesses achieve growth at any stage of development. Pendulum Partners helps companies start-up, scale-up, and stabilize. Pendulum Partners is partnering with PAACT to provide much-needed business support services to community organizations in the PAACT.
  • NNS Professionals - Leading efforts in Nigeria, NNS is a professional organization that develops and empowers Nigerians, and other Africans, in entrepreneurship, workforce, and professional development globally. NNS is partnering with PAACT to extend our footprint in Nigeria.
  • SEKI Foundation - A dance company comprising seasoned, disciplined, and trained professional artists, designers, administrators, and technicians with a goal to use dance as a medium for entertainment, education, and entrepreneurship. SEKI is partnering with PAACT to expand our cultural preservation and art curation programs for youth in Seattle and Nigeria.
  • Rivers State Tourism Development Agency - Envisioned to transform the natural resources, cultural heritage, and traditional hospitality of the Rivers people into an eminent and globally recognized tourist attraction. RSTDA is partnering with PAACT on cultural preservation programs.
  • Nurturing Roots - a Black-led grassroots organization that operates a Black community farm in Beacon Hill. Through physical toil and love, Nurturing Roots has created a green farm/garden healing space and runs a farming and education program that fosters wellness around the neighborhood. It is entirely volunteer-run and has been in service to the community for over seven years. In a deep relationship with the other leading organizations, Nurturing Roots is one of the regional leaders in grassroots Black farming.
  • STEMTAC Foundation - dedicated to building community partnerships to ensure that opportunities created by the robust STEM sector growth in the Puget Sound Region are widely accessible. Now more than ever, STEM education and technological literacy are vital for students of all ages. By supporting STEM programs for students and teachers, STEMTAC aims to help educational systems across the Puget Sound Region meet objectives related to STEM initiatives.

To learn more about the PAACT Network and our partners visit the website: http://www.paact.network!